The Award Ceremony !

Here is a brief explanation of the award ceremony on June 5th ! We have several price categories . These consist of: 1. The car is exactly 40 years old on June 5 (or who comes closest nearby) 2. The finest 123 4 door 3. The best 123 coupe 4. The best 123 combi 5.… Continue reading The Award Ceremony !

Report RTV Oost!

Today there is a report made ​​by RTV Oost i.v.m. our unique record . This will be broadcast next week . If the exact broadcast date is known , we will mention this on our page .

Win action!

Do you want to be part of a World Record ? Then this is your chance. We raffle 5x the chance to ride in our parade ! What should you do: Tell us why you would like to participate in our event. Then you make with your spouse / boyfriend / girlfriend might chance in… Continue reading Win action!